Privacy Policy

A Primary Settlement with Exporthub

Exporthub is the sole owner of the privacy policy discussed further and entirely explains our website's working method. In case you are not in the favour of any of our terms and conditions, we suggests you cancel your subscription immediately.

Before proceeding further, we want you to understand how we tend to utilise your basic details for the improvement of our services. Therefore, we request you to please read every point in detail with complete knowledge of our voucher codes strategy.

Details about the Collection of Customer Details

Exporthub does not require any personal details from any visitor besides the following ones.

  • Tracking details including I.P address and domain name
  • Total browsing time of a visitor
  • Information of web browser and details of operating system
  • Entire statistics of the stores a visitor opened
  • Email ID in case of signing up and subscribing

Exporthub is a reliable discount code provider and is entirely responsible for the protection of your information. We will never surrender, reveal, share, or trade your data with any third parties in any condition.

Moreover, we recommend you to use your sole right and revise any inaccurate and personal details provided by your side. You have the complete control to rectify or remove any misinterpreted details shared plainly by you alone.

Exact Utilisation of Customer Details

The proper utilisation of all your data will solely relate to the technical and administrative purposes of Exporthub. It may assist in totalling the number of webpages each fan visits daily. Also, it will include the analysis of total visits on the official page of Exporthub. Adding to it, we may use this information to analyse all the referral sources along with and multiple technologies that an individual uses to land on our website.

We might access this data for a better experience with discount codes on Exporthub. For instance,

  • Improvement in the security and privacy of every visitor
  • The response towards numerous comments and queries from every visitor
  • Conversations regarding the multiple amenities and supplies of Exporthub
  • Inbound marketing of improved offers and advertisements
  • Distribution of discount codes, flash sales, and promo codes to subscribers through newsletters

Furthermore, Exporthub can utilise your details to rectify numerous errors on the website. We can also respond to request bundles of our webpage through this information.

Blameless For Other Platforms

Exporthub is not answerable for any access to third party details from elsewhere. We undeniably keep referral links to multiple websites for assisting our users. However, we are not accountable for any of their practices or privacy policies.

We recommend you to go through all the rules and codes of conduct before allowing any of these websites. Exporthub advises you to please beware because we will never be chargeable for the effects that come from any third party website's end.

All of the privacy policy settlement holds to our discount codes platform, Exporthub, alone.

Revisions in the Privacy Policy

It is to inform you that Exporthub is not proposing any revisions or changes in its privacy policy for now. Nevertheless, we hold the exclusive right to revise, alter, or update our privacy policy whenever needed.

It is your sole concern to comply with our privacy policy and make sure of any revisions made by Exporthub. If you continue to use our website even after the alteration of our policy, we will finalise your agreement in favour of our website. It will also be definite evidence that you are acknowledged to our website and all our discount codes.