Cookie Policy

Details Regarding the Use of Our Cookies

We primarily use cookies for the progress of Exporthub. By continuing to use our voucher platform, you knowingly agree to our cookie policy and terms & conditions.

Do You Know About Cookies?

Cookies are minor pieces of evidence that enter as a text file from our website into your computer for memorising who you are. These are probably utilised by almost every webpage of our site. Without using these cookies, it gets difficult for a vendor to permit shopping to any of its users.

Privacy and Security

We utilise cookies on our website, and ensure that we will never leak any of your details. Our website will only make the best use of your information to bring you a timeless experience with every visit.

Subscription and Registration

Exporthub uses cookies when an individual subscribes to the website. It is because we use cookies to confirm every step you take in the subscription process only to provide you a smooth experience.

With the use of these cookies, our team ensures if you are a frequenter. By this confirmation, we are able to bring you the discounts not applicable for first-time users.

Customisation for Consumers

Exporthub also uses cookies for the personalisation of its webpage. These help examine customer behaviour and analyse their purchasing choices efficiently. By consuming cookies, we tend to offer you the right products of your choice – the ones that you may be searching for on our webpage and will definitely avail.

Analytics and Statics

Exporthub utilises all these cookies for identifying the address details of every visitor. It is helpful for our website in a myriad of ways. After confirming who our fans are and where they belong to, we find better ways to improve the services offered.

Also, it assists us in rectifying and examining numerous problems and errors on the webpage.

Additionally, we use each of our cookies by understanding the most visited pages on our website. It helps examine every page that needs more development. As a result, we work hard with our cookies only to relish your experience.

Sharing Third Party Cookies

Exporthub partners with multiple third-party cookies that are helpful in providing customised advertisements and information. We make sure that these cookies are safe and secure for all consumers.

We will never share any of our user’s personal information with third parties. Henceforth, you can easily stay on our website by assuring the privacy of your details.

Besides, we want every reader to know that the third parties with whom we work may also utilise cookies. Nevertheless, we have no right or control over their cookies. Our website is also not accountable for any of their practices or rules relating to their cookies and policy. Most probably, these are analytical cookies or the other ones solely used for targeting.