Office Supplies Checklist for Starting a New Company

Office Supplies Checklist for Starting a New Company

Have you established a brand new office to start your business that was your most cherished dream? That’s great. Now you must be thinking to upgrade your newly-born office with some basic yet essential office equipment and want a proper office supplies checklist. Providing your business with essential office equipment seems like a simple task until you start adding every small, big, and mandatory item in it. A well-stocked office ensures a smooth operation of the business and helps to boost the productivity of your employees.

Below-mentioned is the office supplies checklist you may need for your newly established office.


Office Supplies Checklist


1.      Printers


No matter how much paperless the sort of your business is, there will be some occasions you cannot escape yourself from using a printer. For this, at least one of your computers should be associated with a printer, scanner, fax machine to make hard copies of your documents and files. Business documents such as letters, reports, finance reports, financial dealings, and invoices need to be store as a hard copy. Consider buying a multiuse machine that offers you all the printing, faxing, scanning, features altogether.


2.      Furniture for Office Use


Just take a minute to think where your staff will sit if you have no furniture at all in your office? So, the office supplies checklist is incomplete without mentioning the furniture for your office. Some of the basic furniture for the office includes chairs, tables, stools, writing desks, and cabinets. Although, you may get scared of the increasing costs of office furniture. However, by using Furniture Work Discount Codes, you can best quality furniture at discounted prices.


3.      Office Equipment Software


I today’s digitalized era, only having computers and printers are not sufficient to meet your office tasks seamlessly. You need some appropriate software to run on computers. Most businesses simply need MS Office, email management applications, etc. However some companies additional software as per the specific needs of the enterprise. Make sure to add the software to your list of office equipment that is required to run your small business.


4.      List of Stationery Items


You would not get surprised by knowing that stationery items are also included in the list of office equipment. No matter how computerized your overall office environment is, stationery items are vital to ensure running the office operations efficiently. Some of the basic stationery items include papers, files, diaries, paperweights, calendars, pens, staplers, sticky notes, pen stands, etc. To get amazing deals on stationery items, you can use office supplies discount codes.


5.      Kitchen or Pantry Equipment


Feeling awkward by knowing that kitchen equipment is also an essential part of the list of office equipment? Believe it or not, but pantry equipment is an unspoken truth that you cannot afford to ignore for your office. Imagine your employees need to drink water, take coffee, or heat up their lunch, but you neither have the water facility nor the crockery items. Just think and you will feel how important it is to add kitchen items to your office supplies checklist.



There must be certainly more items to be included in your list of office equipment. However, the above listed are the basic items you must consider for your office. Depending on the nature of your business you can stock up your office and ensure seamless operations.

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