How to Maintain a ‘No Moisturiser Skincare Routine?’

How to Maintain a ‘No Moisturiser Skincare Routine?’

Do you know the importance of a no moisturiser skincare routine? Can you imagine a flawless skin without products?


This year, I came up with a massive change in my beauty regimen. It was the elimination of unnecessary beauty products from my everyday routine. When you belong to a group of fashion freaks, skincare is a rule. Instead, most of us spend all our savings on celebrity-inspired treatments only to remain the ugly duckling.

It is necessary to understand that beauty comes with relaxation, tenderness, and peace of mind. I am sharing my new skincare routine with no moisturisers at all. You can check it and compare the difference in your life too.


No Moisturiser Skincare Routine – Tips

Looking gorgeous is every divas dream. You can get a mesmerising skin by changing a few habits. Begin with some expert tips and compliment your beauty every day!


Ditch Sunlight under the Sun


The first thing you must do is to keep away from the sun as much as possible. Nowadays, beauty lovers love to tan their skin on the beach. Trust me; it can be dangerous for your skin and can often lead to cancer. According to experts, 90% of aging occurs because of sunlight.


While you are planning to skip moisturiser in summer, ditch the sun by walking in the shade. Prefer covering yourself in scarves, hats, sunglasses, hats, and socks. You may use the sunscreen only when needed. Nevertheless, focus on its quality and prefer the most popular stores in UK if you wish to make a purchase.


Understand Your Skin Type


Everyone has a different type of skin. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain one routine for all. You must know your skin’s needs and requirements. Adapting a no moisturiser skincare routine is helpful only if you know how to keep your skin hydrated.


From natural remedies to homemade facemasks, everything works as per your skin type. You can always try fruit masks, massages, hot showers, and healthy diets to keep your skin glowing. As per fact, all these will work only when you know their effect on your skin type.


Remove Makeup before Bed


Beauty comes from the heart. You do not need makeup to look gorgeous. Cosmetics are complimentary and help you embrace your beauty. Therefore, skipping products at night is better for you. You can moisturise your skin without applying a moisturiser, too.


Remove all your makeup with a good cleanser and wash your face properly. Take a warm shower before you slip in your nightwear. It is better if you remove your nail paints and let your nails breathe during your sleep. Always sleep on a clean bed sheet and pillow.


Put Your Face in a Silk Pillow


Most beauty experts suggest getting enough sleep for a beautiful and healthy skin. However, you must change your sleeping habits for a glowing face. While you take a shower, remove makeup, wear a clean nightdress; give attention to your pillows too.


I am a side sleeper and struggle with my pillow during my nap. By sleeping on a satin or silk pillow, I skip the chance of developing creases on my face that results because of friction with the fabric. A silk pillowcase will always allow your skin to slip and prevent future wrinkles.


Add Workout in Your Routine


Understand that working out will not only burn your calories. Use the health and beauty discount codes to save on expensive workout gear even if you are fit. Exercising is productive and keeps you in shape. Interestingly, it also influences your skin positively.


Sweating after a heavy workout serves like a mini facial for your skin. You allow your pores to open and release all the dirt, oil or bacteria. Keep in mind; you must wash your face immediately after exercising. Relaxing may seem necessary, but it will only suck back the dirt in your skin.


The Takeaway

Are you ready to adopt the no moisturiser skincare routine? If yes, then waste no time and skip unnecessary products now. I am not at a war with cosmetics and beauty products. However, nature gives us plenty of ways to maintain our skin. We can save money and utilise them smartly.


Start walking in the shade and know your skin type for any DIYs. No matter the products, altering your sleeping habits is necessary. From changing your pillowcase to sleeping after a shower, do everything. If you are a workout freak, let me know your reviews in the comments below.


For more, discuss your skincare routine in the comments too. What are your views about ditching cosmetics?

Tom Spiggle

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