5 Most Popular and Best CMS Software for 2020

5 Most Popular and Best CMS Software for 2020

Creating a website is no more a hassle in 2020. With so many leading CMS platforms to choose from, you can develop almost all types of websites without building each page from scratch using code. Choosing a platform for your website is the most crucial thing to ensure its success. However, in the plethora of the best CMS software having its pros and cons, selecting the one that is ideal to your site’s needs and budget is a daunting job.

So, here is a list of some of the leading CMS platforms for 2020.


1.      Word Press


Nothing is wrong with saying that Word Press is among those best CMS Software that everyone knows about. Launched in 2003, this open-source and totally free software has now become an essential factor of internet science. Word Press is listed in the leading CMS platforms for so many good reasons. From offering you the tools to create a feature-rich website or blog, you can do a lot more Word Press websites using images, videos, and other content. What’s more, you can personalize your website by installing its readymade and third-party themes. Best to create all sorts of websites belonging to any industry.


2.      Jumla


Being an award-winning CMS software, Joomla is a boon for website developers. With this leading CMS platform, you can easily build search engine friendly, secure, fully extensible, and powerful websites. Joomla has is the perfect VMS software for all the website creators who live and breathe websites. Some of its outstanding features include full-text search, version control, document indexing, and text editor, and so on.


3.      Magento


A well-known open-source CMS software that is ideal to create ecommerce stores. While it offers the flexibility to create a robust ecommerce website, however not completely accessible for non-tech users. To create a website with Magento, you must have some technical knowledge or outsource a magneto developer with hands-on practice. You can either use this CMS for free. However, to maintain your own ecommerce store, its pricing plan starts from $2000plus per month. To reduce the pricing, you can use computer and software discount codes.


4.      Drupal


Is there anything better than having CMS software that contains everything for developers, digital marketers, and agencies under a roof? Drupal is the best CMS software for ambitious website builders who want to deliver a great customer experience across multiple channels. The best thing about Drupal is that it offers an adequate space as per the needs of developers, agencies, and marketers. Some unmatched feature of this incredible platform includes audio and video content, E-forms, website management, text editor, and more.

management, text editor, and more.


5.      Shopify


After Woo Commerce, Shopify is considered the best CMS platform for building an ecommerce website. What’s best about this leading CMS software, is its simplicity. Since it’s a hosted platform, you don’t need to get worried about its maintenance and security.


In a Nutshell

We hope this blog has helped you to learn about the best CMS software. Most probably you have chosen one as per your needs and budget. Regardless of your size requirements and tech skills, you can easily pick the one CMS for your unique scenario using this guide.

Tom Spiggle

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